CanJo's Rabbitry of Fayetteville, NC

We are a husband and wife rabbitry who takes pride in raising quality show rabbits. We have several BOB wins. We show our rabbits in several different states for NC, SC, VA, GA, and TN. We occasionally will place rabbits in wonderful pet homes, but the main purpose of our rabbitry is competing on a national level with our rabbits. Our two main breeds are New Zealands  (White REW, Red and Black/Broken Black) and Holland Lops. 85% of our New Zealand stock is from Crawford lines. Our Holland Lop lines include ANR, Gary and Susan Smith, Camelot, and Hamilton. In the show ring our rabbits do very well. We occassionally will have rabbits for sale. If interested please email us.  


Our number one goal however is not to produce and sell pet bunnies. We do not sell to petstores. CanJo's Rabbitry strives to produce the best quality show rabbits we can that are amazing examples of their Breed Standards. All our rabbits are well cared for and handled daily. We also clean cages daily and vaccinate our bunnies annually. We travel around the country to show our rabbits. Generally we show our rabbits once or twice a month every month of the year.

Occassionally I will have a few pet quality bunnies for sale. Most bunnies I will have however will be show quality with pedigrees but I do understand some people are not interested in show bunnies and would prefer a loving pet instead. If anyone however is interested in showing and needs tips or advice please let me know and I will help in any way I can. If I do not have any pet bunnies available and you are trying to find that perfect pet for your child/gf/you etc then send me an email and I will let you know if I have any bunnies available that would match your desires. Also check out the "FOR SALES" album in pictures. For most recent sales bunnies please visit our Facebook Page: . You can also email for availability or to request to be put on a waitlist for a specfic rabbit (breed/gender/color/age). I also have a wait list for people who want to reserve rabbits from future litters not born yet.
Rabbits will not be sold under 8 weeks of age! Only healthy rabbits will be sold. We offer a 5 day health guarantee and life time help for any rabbit gotten from our rabbitry. Please see CanJo's Sale's Policy in "Notes" for more information or request me to email you a copy of our sale's policy and health guarantees.

All our rabbits are socialized since birth. They are handled daily. No aggressive or unhealthy rabbits will be sold. That is our guarantee.
Please message me with any questions! Email: [email protected]