Getting a CanJo's Bunny? Please read the information article on Rabbit Nutrition before bringing your rabbit home:

Has anyone ever wondered what the best diet for your rabbit is? At CanJo’s Rabbitry we try to feed our rabbits the most efficient and healthiest diet possible. I would like to take a moment and give away some of our secrets with anyone who wants to improve their rabbits diet. CanJo’s Rabbitry is primarily into showing rabbits. So to produce the best show rabbits we TRY to feed them all the best diet possible. Even if you are not into showing your bunnies, and just want them to be happy healthy pets the best feed can make a difference. I recommend researching on your own any of these products and brands listed below.

Dry Food:

As far as dry food quantity goes we feed ONE CUP of Purina Show Rabbit Chow to the large breeds (New Zealands) every day. We give HALF A CUP of the Purina Show Rabbit Chow to small breeds (Netherland Dwarfs/Holland Lops/Mini Satins etc). All pregnant or nursing mommies get unlimited dry food at all times. Growing babies also get unlimited feed.

Why is it important to regulate the amount of food your bunny gets?

Just like with people, when your bunny gets too many calories it can cause him/her to be overweight. An overweight bunny is more susceptible to injuries and illnesses caused by the added unnecessary weight. So giving your bunny a healthy regulated daily diet will insure better health and happiness for your bunny.

Note: There are better rabbit feeds out there than Purina Show Rabbit Chow. But we have found that these brands are harder to find in our area, and also generally more expensive. Overall, a lot of good rabbit showers do feed Purina Show Chow and with the added oats and supplements we feed our rabbits they seem to get a very nutritional diet. Examples of better feed brands: any organic brand, blue seal etc.  I recommend trying to stay away from brands that contain corn. Purina also has a slightly cheaper food that is none Show that will work just as well for pet bunnies. The brand name is Purina Rabbit Chow Complete, and can be purchased at almost any Tractor Supply store. Try to stay away from dry foods with all the added bits and pieces. These can be very harmful for your bunny.


We also mix Organic Oats with our dry feed. Oats help to offer more of a balanced diet with the dry food. They also give the rabbit a nice sheen on their coat. We get our organic oats from either a) food lion or b) apple crate. Other places I am sure also will have some to choose from. You can get a pound of organic oats at Apple Crate for a little over a dollar. We mix about 5lbs of organic oats per one bag of 50lb bag of rabbit food. All the extra food from the 50lb bags are kept in big plastic bins from Walmart to ensure freshness.

Other things to give as treats:

Some other things that we give in very small quantities, half a small spoonful a day, to our rabbits are listed below:

-Organic Unsalted Raw Sunflower Seeds (no hulls)

-Organic Brown Flax Seed

Rabbits love sunflower seeds and flax seeds. They also offer a lot of nutritional value with added vitamins and minerals. Make sure to only give just a small half spoonful a day so your bunny does not become fat.


We also give our rabbits supplements. Most of the supplements are similar to taking vitamins for humans. Every day we give each of your bunnies a small handful of Calf Manna. It comes in little pellets similar to dry food. The benefit of Calf Manna is to help rabbits when they shed. It also helps bunnies who are not feeling energetic and the mommies who are nursing or pregnant.  Calf Manna can be purchased at Tractor Supply Company Store or other Family Farm stores. It can also be purchased online. One 5lb bag will last one small rabbit for at least half a year to a yearlong if given daily in small handfuls.

Lately, we have been giving less of the Calf Manna and more of another supplement that’s great for bunnies called Oxy-gen. It helps too for better nutritional transfer, thicker fur, extended breeding life, larger litters with more survivability, and is safe, natural and drug free. This item is a little more expensive then the previously stated supplement Calf Manna, but it is well worth the money and lasts a few rabbits a very long time. The bag comes with a tiny cup for measuring and you only give each rabbit half a cap every other day for larger breeds and just a few pieces every other day for smaller breeds. You can also measure out just a few pellets of oxygen (3 to 5) for each bunny a day by hand. Oxy-gen that I know of can only be purchased online at stores such as

Fruits and Veggies:

I also do give the occasional fruit and vegetable to my rabbits such as but not exclusive too (tomatoes, carrots, apples, spinach leaves etc). I also and only will feed those Organic fruits and vegetables. No need to give my bunnies any pesticides if I can help doing so. I also thoroughly wash all fruits and veggies before giving them out. If you can’t find organic veggies, regular ones will also work. It is more of a personal preference to me. Just make sure whatever fruit and veggies you get have been thoroughly washed beforehand. Do not leave the seeds in apples, oranges, peaches etc as they can be toxic. Please do not get fresh fruits and veggies to rabbits under 6 months of age!


Hay is also very good to offer rabbits every day. I feed Timothy hay to mine. You can also offer then the timothy hay cubes. It’s easy on their tummies and helps them to pass any fur balls. It is also just a good treat to give and adds better nutrition to their diets.

Grass hay can also be given safely to rabbits but I find it is harder to get a hold of.

I highly recommend staying away from Alfalfa hay. It has way too much protein for rabbits to digest.

If you have any questions about diet, nutrition or anything else regarding your bunny please message me with any questions and I will be happy to help answer them to the best of my abilities.

Note: None of these things are REQUIRED to have a rabbit. You can give your rabbit and ordinary bag of dry food and he will be perfectly fine. I am posting this to not only show the quality of CanJo’s Bunnies but also to help anyone who wants to make their rabbit’s diet healthier.

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